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The Newsletter of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation June 2017
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Calverton Lease – Some Good Financial News!

We have successfully negotiated a sub-lease with Alertus, and they have agreed to a two-year lease with two one-year options. This agreement will take us to the conclusion of our Calverton lease.This will mean significant savings in Net Assets over the next four years, enabling us to maintain savings for other important investments and development activities. MORE

AB InBev Foundation Award – Working with the Industry
AB InBev Foundation Measurement & Evaluation Award

In early March, HBSA submitted a proposal to the AB InBev Foundation and won the AB InBev Measurement and Evaluation Global Smart Drinking Goals (GSDGs).  Our proposal included the development of a comprehensive evaluation methodology, measurement approach and overall plan to assess achievement of the Foundation’s efforts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. MORE

Bernie Murphy From the CEO:
Thoughts on Ethical Issues: Working with the Alcohol Industry

The concerns and risks of accepting funding and working with the alcohol industry have been well documented in multiple publications and are well summarized in Raul Caetano’s article. It was with these cautions in mind that we embarked on a review of the RFP issued by the InBev Foundation to provide the evaluation of its Global Smart Drinking Goals. MORE

Potential Alcohol Industry Funding at PIRE

On January 18, 2017, scientists at PRC met with PIRE’s CEO to discuss potential alcohol industry funding of research done by scientists at PIRE. The text below provides a brief review of the existing controversy associated with such funding in the alcohol and other fields, and then summarizes the discussion that took place during the meeting. MORE

PIRE IT Advances and Plans

Who is PIRE IT? What’s going on at PIRE IT? MORE

New and Improved PIRE Websites Coming Soon!

Based on staff feedback and also in the interest of ensuring PIRE remains competitive in a challenging funding environment, several improvements are in process. The first is to revise our internal website. Leading both of these efforts will be Paul LaVoie and Karen Friend. MORE

PIRE App Development Process

The creation of a website or web application often encompasses more than just a functional need but is often the first impression and how a project can engage an audience. Many have been asking how the new web application process works now at PIRE and here is brief synopsis of the process. MORE

PIRE Board Elects Pebbles Fagan, Ph.D., MPH

During their meeting on April 26, 2017 in Reston, VA, the PIRE Board elected Pebbles Fagan, Ph.D., MPH as a Director, serving a three-year term. Dr. Fagan is Professor and Director of the Center for the Study of Tobacco at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health in Little Rock, Arkansas. MORE

PRC Publications on Bar Study Results

Two publications from a study conducted by the scientists at PRC (R01AA019773; PI: JP Lee) highlight risks related to over-concentration of alcohol-serving establishments in communities. MORE

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