PIRE Project - UCSF/Alcohol & Pregnancy

Conduct original legal research and create database of policies targeting alcohol use during pregnancy from the earliest adoption in the U.S. through January 1, 2013. Database will include the state and years for which the policies were in effect, policies that target illicit drugs as well as alcohol and drugs alone. Policy topics will include those identified in the Alcohol Policy Information System as pertaining to alcohol use during pregnancy. (Year 1) ?? Have two independent legal researchers (Thomas and Treffers) collect and code data. (Year 1) ?? Communicate with Drs. Roberts and Drabble regarding substantive coding issues that arise. (Year 1) ?? Provide feedback on interpretation of findings, and collaborate as a co-author on manuscripts for publication as well as conference presentations. (Years 2 and 3) ?? Participate in weekly check-ins with the UCSF team and monthly check-in calls with the entire project team (Years 1-3)