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The Newsletter of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation September 2018
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CEO Transition and Selection Update

As has been mentioned previously, the Board of Directors (BOD), led by the Governance Committee under Karen Friend (chair), Al Stein-Seroussi, and Pebbles Fagan, is soliciting input from PIRE staff. These interviews are being done via multiple Center-led discussion groups across the Institute. MORE

PIRE Website Project Update

Stuff happens. Since our last update, IT has worked on three office moves (DSI, PRC, and Louisville) and worked with a Calverton project on a data warehouse task. Currently, IT is also playing a significant role in setting up and managing the PIRE-wide benefits enrollment online system. MORE

PIRE Board Meets at the Prevention Research Center for Some
Collegial Time

With the scheduled July meeting being held in Berkeley, CA, prior to the Board meeting, the Board worked with the Officers and Roland Moore to create an opportunity for the Board to learn more about the scientific work at PRC and continue the CEO transition/selection discussion groups with PRC staff. MORE

PIRE Receives a 5-year Subaward to Continue the Children’s Safety Network Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center

Founded by Ted Miller, the Children’s Safety Network Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center (CSN EDARC) at PIRE works with the CSN core site housed in the Education Development Center, the Health Resources & Services Administration’s (HRSA’s) Maternal and Child Health Bureau, state health departments, and the broader public health community... MORE


The following list includes awards for which funding was confirmed in the months of July through August 2018. MORE

PIRE’s National Prevention Network (NPN) Conference Reception
BHRCS Supports the Gallup PRIDE Festival
“All Things IRB” at the PRC
Staff Development Award: Course Review

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