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  • Elise Trott Jaramillo
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Congratulations to Elise Trott Jaramillo!

Elise Trott Jaramillo defends her dissertation

Elise Trott Jaramillo recently defended her doctoral dissertation, which examined grassroots political organizing among Hispanic and Native American users of communally managed irrigation ditches in New Mexico and their relationship to concepts of individual and community wellbeing.

Elise is an Associate Research Scientist at PIRE's Behavioral Health Research Center of the Southwest (BHRCS). Her work focuses on disparities in health and health services for poor, rural, and racial/ethnic-minority communities. She received her PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of New Mexico. Her research background is in the anthropology of the environment with a focus on water and the U.S. Southwest. At BHRCS, she has worked on several research projects, including mixed-methods studies of the implementation of an evidence-based child welfare intervention, use of and access to health care and health insurance among Native American seniors after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and longitudinal research into behavioral health policy in New Mexico.