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The Newsletter of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation January 2018
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It's Time

At the December Board meeting, I shared my intentions to retire as the PIRE CEO in early 2020. I will be 70 in April 2020 and have decided it is time. It is hard for me to believe that this journey is entering the 11th year. I have grown with the challenges and have built and enhanced profound professional and personal relationships. MORE

From the Chair of PIRE’s Board of Directors
Board Update

As the Chair of PIRE’s Board of Directors, I am writing to update you on the current status and future direction of the Board. MORE

PIRE's 2018 Board of Directors
Introducing PIRE's Newest Board Directors
PIRE Principles and Standards of Internal Governance

In keeping with its legal and fiduciary responsibilities, the PIRE Board supports the following principles, developed in collaboration with the CEO, CFO and Center Directors, for the governance of the Institute. MORE

Congratulations to Paul Gruenewald and his team
for the Center Grant award!

The current Center application builds upon the successful work of the previous round identifying dynamic relations between drinking contexts and problems, and extends our research on “prevention in place” to identify modifiable environmental conditions that contribute to early alcohol use and progression to heavier drinking during adolescence, problems specific to Hispanic populations living in US-Mexico border communities, and excessive drinking and AUD and related problems in adulthood. MORE

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