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The Newsletter of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation February 2017
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Bernie Murphy

2017 – Off to a Fast Start, as President Trump and a New Administration Transition

We are all keenly aware of the impact and change a new administration brings. But with the surprising election of Donald J. Trump, we are even more attuned to the new initiatives, altered policies and different federal agency leadership. “The times they are changing” and we are all watching closely. However, the beat goes on at PIRE and we are not simply waiting and watching. MORE

The second year of the VHA Whole Health contract is well underway

The new 2017 VHA contract, providing expanded course offerings for clinicians, increased evaluation and other new components, was marked by a kick-off meeting in Madison, Wisconsin this past fall to plan the implementation of the whole health initiative. MORE

Calverton Staff tour the Prince George’s (PG) County Police training facility

On February 7, several PIRE Calverton Staff were invited to tour the Prince George’s (PG) County Police training facility. The invitation grew out of on-going conversations that Mary Gordon has been having with the department as she prepares to implement the National Institute of Justice award. MORE

Ted Miller Farewell Robin – We wish you well!

Robin Pollini has accepted a faculty position at West Virginia University and is tentatively planning to depart PIRE at the end of March. MORE

Jim Fell Retirement of Jenny Ames
On January 17,2017 many of the PRC Staff and PIRE’s CEO, joined at the Lake Merritt Boat House in Oakland, CA to honor and celebrate Dr. Genevieve Ames.  MORE
Karen Friend Staff Development Awards – DEADLINE: February 28, 2017
PIRE is committed to increasing the capacities and career potential of its junior and mid-level Staff.  Our goal is to hire and retain the most skilled, creative and expert Staff we can find in all areas. MORE
Karen Friend The Chapel Hill Center has moved!

Please note new address effective February 4, 2017:
101 Conner Drive, Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC  27514-7038

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