PIRE's portfolio of research, evaluation and program development is diverse. Many of our major project areas, such as alcohol-related problems, cut across widely varied contexts and fields of inquiry.  Some of the important categories of PIRE's work are described below:

Community-Based Programs

Over its history, PIRE has specialized in assisting community-based programs, both with help in program evaluation and with focused technical assistance. Many PIRE staff have career backgrounds working in community-based organizations or with localized agencies and understand well that community action is the front line for public health, safety and education.


Costs of Social Problems

Understanding the social and economic costs of health and social problems is a very important step to finding ways of solving those problems. PIRE houses one of the world's leading teams studying the costs of illness and injury and the cost effectiveness of health systems organization and preventive interventions.


The Military

A public health approach to solving social problems puts an emphasis on the environment in which individuals live and work. For people in the military, in particular, this environment envelops their everyday lives.


Popular Culture

Popular culture, including television, movies, music and advertising, influences human behaviors related to health and safety.  PIRE has carried out important research examining the impact of popular culture, especially the influence of alcohol advertising on children. Other areas of inquiry include influences of televised sexual content on youth sexuality, portrayals of malt liquor and other alcohol in popular music lyrics, and the use of club drugs at electronic music dance parties.


Workplace and Employment

A public health approach to solving social problems puts an emphasis on the environments in which individuals live and work.



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