Since its inception, PIRE has been dedicated to the development and evaluation of strategies to prevent health and social problems among young people.  A major emphasis has been on school-based research regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Because research has demonstrated that people with less education are at higher risk for various problems including poorer health and increased alcohol use disorders in adulthood, PIRE has promoted research to better understand the barriers to educational success.

Current efforts include:

  • The development, evaluation, and dissemination of tobacco, drug, alcohol, and violence prevention programs carried out in schools and on college campuses;
  • Research and evaluation of character education and academic improvement initiatives; and
  • Evaluation of various teacher preparation programs.

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Academic Performance

Recognizing that academic success can act as a buffer against substance abuse, PIRE has investigated areas that either facilitate or hinder academic performance of students, particularly students at risk for failure. 


Character Education

PIRE is the technical assistance provider for the Partnerships in Character Education Program (PCEP) grantees sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.


Higher Education

The higher education arena is a setting where youth move through the critical transitional period to adulthood. PIRE has studied high risk behaviors including substance abuse and reluctance of some groups to access health care on college campuses.


School-Based Prevention Programs

Many programs for reducing youth problems with alcohol, other drug, and violence are based in schools.  PIRE has studied the implementation and diffusion of program models and has carried out evaluations of several such programs.  


Teacher Pre-Service and In-Service Training

Because teachers are a critical link in ensuring academic success of students, PIRE has evaluated numerous training programs both at colleges and in the local schools.



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