Evaluation and Expansion of Drug Evaluation and Classification Management, Drug Recognition Expert Data Collection and Tracking Program

Principal Investigator: Scott McKnight
Sponsor: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
(8/7/2003 - 12/7/2007)

Proposal Abstract
PIRE will evaluate and expand the DRE Data Collection and Tracking Program to accommodate all member States and provide a strong evaluation component for data collected.
Establish the Data Collection and Tracking Program at a permanent location with the capability of accommodating further expansion.
Ensure the continued operation, expansion, and collection of critical DRE data.
Ensure professional and knowledgeable technical support for the DRE data collection system.
Continue to improve the ease of use for law enforcement officers to support the expansion of system wide use.
Provide and maintain a dedicated secure internet server to house the tracking system and data collected.
Provide a periodic back up of the data entered to ensure security and integrity of the system.