Kathryn Stewart, MS, Sociology
PIRE Consultant
Prevention Research Center
Oakland, California


Kathryn Stewart is the Director of the Dissemination and Diffusion of Science-Based Prevention Component of the PRC Center Grant. She is a founding partner in Safety and Policy Analysis, International, a consulting firm that deals with alcohol and other drug issues in public policy.

She was previously a Senior Research Scientist at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation and the Deputy Director of the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center. She has broad experience in research and evaluation related to the prevention of problems related to substance use, with a special emphasis on impaired driving and alcohol policy.

She has edited monographs on alcohol regulation and traffic safety, drugs and driving, and on the implementation of research-based impaired driving strategies for the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies of Science. Other projects include comparisons of impaired driving laws and statistics worldwide, evaluations of administrative license revocation, impaired driver treatment programs, and various strategies to prevent impaired driving among the general population.

Ms. Stewart’s particular specialty is the development of communication strategies to assist States and communities to apply research findings to reduce impaired driving and other substance-related problems. She is the President-elect of the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) and edits The Reporter, the ICADTS newsletter.

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