2013 National Roadside Survey

Principal Investigator: John H. Lacey
Sponsor: NHTSA
(9/27/2011 - 9/26/2015)

Proposal Abstract
The objective of this contract is to perform alcohol- and drugged driving research. At a minimum, the contract covers: A national roadside survey(s) to estimate the prevalence of the following on the nationís roads: -- drivers at various BACs (blood alcohol concentrations), -- drivers with the presence of various (over-the-counter, prescription, and illegal) drugs in their system, and -- drivers with alcohol and other drugs in their system. The next national roadside survey is currently planned for 2013. Development of guidelines to instruct others (e.g., local jurisdictions) how to conduct a representative roadside survey. Analyses of alcohol and drug data, including trend and other analyses, using data from this survey and past roadside surveys.