Robin Pollini, PhD, MPH
Senior Research Scientist I
Calverton Center
Calverton, Maryland

Phone: 301-755-2755

Dr. Pollini is a substance abuse and infectious disease epidemiologist who is trained in quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods. Her primary focus is on minimizing the public health impacts of injection drug use, including the transmission of HIV and other blood borne infections. She has led NIDA-funded studies of pharmacy-based syringe access in both Mexico and the United States. She collaborated on a NIDA-funded study of HIV risk among >1000 IDUs in Tijuana, Mexico, and was a co-investigator on a study jointly funded by NIDA and the National Institute of Justice examining illicit drug market dynamics in Tijuana and San Diego and related impacts on public health. She has also conducted research on prescription drug abuse and drug overdose.

Dr. Pollini’s research extends to studies designed to understand barriers to care in drug using and other vulnerable populations. From 2010-2012 she led a longitudinal mixed methods study funded by the California HIV/AIDS Research Program that examined continuity of HIV care after jail release among HIV+ persons in San Diego. Some of her earliest research investigated factors that influence health care utilization among medically ill substance using adults.

Since joining PIRE, Dr. Pollini has expanded her activities to include research on driving under the influence of drugs. She is co-PI on a NIDA-funded study of prescription drug use among U.S. drivers and another study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation exploring whether marijuana decriminalization is associated with increases in the prevalence of marijuana-positive driving.

Dr. Pollini earned her PhD (Epidemiology) and MPH degrees from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and her BSFS (Foreign Service) degree from Georgetown University.

Last Modified: 3/1/2013
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