NCMI National Mentoring Initiative:  Implementing innovative youth mentoring services in 10 sites across 6 regions with 7 additional capacity building and planning sites

Principal Investigator: Johnnetta Davis-Joyce
Sponsor: Dept. of Justice/OJJDP
(4/1/2010 - 3/30/2013)

Proposal Abstract
The NCMI Mentoring Institute is composed of 10 implementing and 7 capacity building youth mentoring sites. To achieve its objectives of demonstrating the impacts of mentoring services on youth outcomes and identifying best practices and innovations from among the participating sites, the NCMI Mentoring Institute plans to develop case studies for a selection of sites with promising innovations and  comparative evaluation of ongoing process and outcome data sources. Emphasis will be placed on refining best practices and innovations identified from the group of 10 implementing sites that can be applied across the 17 NCMI Mentoring Institute sites and the broader NCMI network. The purpose of the evaluation is: --To identify innovations and best practices in youth mentoring from among the NCMI Mentoring Institute that have demonstrated positive impacts on youth and can be replicated to other sites in the NCMI Mentoring Institute and broader NCMI network. --To document youth mentoring models employed by NCMI Mentoring Institute sites and confirm that they are implemented with fidelity. --To measure the impact of youth mentoring services provided by each site on both OJJDP-selected and site-determined targeted behavioral outcomes.