The Impact of Adaptation on Successful Implementation

Principal Investigator: Melinda Pankratz
Sponsor: NIDA
(8/1/2009 - 1/31/2013)

Proposal Abstract
Over the course of the last twenty years, the focus of prevention research has shifted from "can prevention work" to "how do we make prevention more efficacious." To assist in answering the latter question, Tanglewood Research Inc. was award a grant to study two questions: (1)  To what extent and why do All Stars' implementers modify the program as written; and (2) how do modifications affect targeted mediators and outcome variables? For the first, Tanglewood will code already existing videotaped implementations of All Stars to document the universe of adaptations. For the second, Tanglewood will collect extensive data on adaptations from a large number of dissemination sites. For both, PIRE will conduct analyses to determine the degree to which various types of adaptations either augment, have a neutral effect, or diminish the effectiveness of All Stars. Working together, results will be used to develop strategies that promote positive adaptation and minimize negative adaptation.