Eduard Zaloshnja, PhD, Applied Economics
Research Scientist
Calverton Center
Calverton, Maryland

Phone: (301) 755-2734
Fax: (301) 755-2799

Dr. Zaloshnja has a background in applied economics and econometrics and is working as a safety/substance abuse economist/statisticien. At PIRE, he has analyzed effects of a managed behavioral healthcare organizations product types on the levels and amount of care authorized for alcohol-problem patients and treatment costs for such patients. He has estimated US bus and truck crash costs. He has conducted benefit-cost analysis for several projects aimed at reducing injuries in Native American population. He also has conducted an analysis of ambulance crash injuries and an analysis of seatbelt use. He estimated US highway crash costs and compiled an inventory of data sets that can be used in occupational injury research. Dr Zaloshnja has conducted an analysis of child safety belt and booster seat effectiveness and the cost of traffic crashes related to road conditions. He has used an US input-output model to measure the impacts of occupational injuries on the US economy. He also has analyzed the cost of injuries in the US and has conducted several analysis of the effectiveness of Poison Control Centers.

Last Modified: 1/1/2011
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