Children's Safety Network - Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center

Principal Investigator: Monique Sheppard
Sponsor: Health Resources and Services Administration
(6/1/2003 - 7/31/2006)

Proposal Abstract
The purpose of the CSN EDARC is to provide specific technical assistance and skills building services to state and local maternal and child health agencies to help them improve their skills in locating, analyzing, and utilizing analytical data pertaining to injury of children and adolescents including injury reduction intervention strategies. CSN EDARC will provide vital support to state and local health and safety personnel by upgrading skills and by performing state and county analysis of injury costs and the savings from injury prevention.

This award-winning Center, which is in its 14th year, provides national, state, and local estimates of injury and violence costs and the savings from prevention. The Center now has more than 125 comparably computed benefit-cost savings estimates for injury prevention, violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention programs. It developed the bulk of the estimates. It offers state-by-state costs for impaired driving, violence, underage drinking, injury by cause and intent (for 23 states), and suicide acts. The Center often creates tailored estimates for advocates and legislators on a few days' notice.