Building Teacher Mastery via an Internet Training System

Principal Investigator: Melinda Pankratz
Sponsor: Tanglewood Research Inc.
(5/10/2004 - 12/31/2007)

Proposal Abstract
This study will test the relative effects of two training conditions to support the implementation of All Stars, a research-based curriculum. Prevention specialists in the "standard" training condition will receive initial training and technical assistance on request (i.e., training as usual). In addition to the standard training components, prevention specialists in the "enhanced" training condition will receive “just-in-time” training tips via email reminding them of important teaching points, a discussion forum where they can ask questions and get assistance from master teachers, and a companion training DVD that include examples of prevention specialists delivering All Stars sessions. Through these mechanisms, prevention specialists in the enhanced training condition will receive continuous and consistent support and feedback throughout the implementation of the curriculum. All training materials for the enhanced training condition will be tailored to each prevention specialist’s current level of curriculum mastery (novice or advanced). We will test the effects of training in a randomized experimental design.